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On May 24, 2014, A.M. returns to Europe with new performances at the Flanders Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium. It has been a while since we last performed A.M. and obviously the whole team is looking forward to it. Updates on the festival and concert time and location will follow later. For now.. campai!

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ImageHOT NEWS! A.M. will be presented in Tokyo, at the Shibuya Auditorium. Right in the heart of the city where this film was made. On Friday November 2 there will be a late night performance, with a special showcase filmversion of A.M., presented by it’s director Arnoud Noordegraaf. On Sunday nov. 2nd, there will be a viewing of the live performance video. Both evenings will feature a meet with the artist. Bombard him with your questions!

It has been two years now since A.M. was filmed in Tokyo, and a lot has happened in the mean time. The city by night, as we filmed it in the summer of 2010, in all it’s brilliance and light, has gone through difficult times after the quake and tsunami in 2011. Now, you can experience a touch of melancholy and the good old heart of optimism in the city as it once was and without doubt will be again.

This spring A.M. producer Roland Spekle (Barooni) and composer director Arnoud Noordegraaf will tour Europe to meet festival directors, new venues and yet to venture performance places for A.M.
It looks like at least four European venues and festivals are already lining up for the piece, the first to present A.M. will be Cultuurcentrum Hasselt in Belgium, on May 9 2012.

Heading towards the new year AM is going to have it’s next performance in Eindhoven, NL coming january.
More performances of AM are in the pipeline, mostly outside the Netherlands. Check out the schedule for more info..

A.M. has received much acclaim in past months. After the four-star review in NRC Handelsblad there’s a very good review in Brabants Dagblad as well, following the Festival Boulevard performances.
“Especially the multi disciplinary music theatre “A.M.” by composer and film maker Arnoud Noordegraaf leaves a feeling of satifaction” … “a poetic performance that balances subtly between stylised film art and modern opera.” … “beautiful stilled images of the city by night. The music is sparsely orchestrated, Noordegraaf never overplays his hand.”

full article (in Dutch) here:

A very special and intimate version of AM will be performed this weekend at the Festival Boulevard in Den Bosch. With all the ensemble sounds neatly mixed to surround the audience, soprano Mikae will present her shining character solo on stage, in a new and very strong staging. More deeply then before, we will be guided by her and connected to the vast videos and their characters on either side.
This one is going to be a treat!
5, 6, 7 aug. Verkadefabriek Den Bosch

After the re-Premiere of AM at the Holland Festival we got a four-out-of-five star review in one of the leading newspapers (NRC).

“AM first premiered in 2010 (…) where it was already apparent what an enchanting, moving and sometimes humorous show this is (…) The live music adds to the beneficent submersion in loneliness and the atmosphere of Tokyo by night (…) Sometimes film and music merge very well, like the long high note of soprano Mikae Natsuyama (…) coincides with a yawning passer-by on film.”

Read the review (in Dutch) by clicking on the image.

Thursday night AM had it’s all new version premiere at the Holland Festival. It was a very big success! All performances are sold out, even the extra concert on Friday. Coming to a theatre near you I assume!

As a publicity stunt or the upcoming AM performances at Holland Festival we had a miniature concert in the shop window of the Bijenkorf Amsterdam. Mikae sang AM arias for about a half hour, drawing curious shoppers and tourists at Dam square.

a great deal of effort went into the re-making of AM, a new version, with live musicians, a new aria and a completely re-edited film. It’s all very promising. Rehearsals start on monday, the premiere is Thursday June 9. On Wednesday soprano Mikae will give a sneak preview of some of the AM arias in the Bijenkorf etalage, a huge shop window used as a HF-showcase on Dam square in Amsterdam. Check it out, from 2 – 2:30 PM.